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Granite is a deep magmatic wall. It is widespread in the earth's crust. It was created by cooling and firming the glowing magma in the interior of the Earth. One of the hardest materials. Since solid and resistant materials are often used in construction. The ancient Egyptians used it to build the obelisk. The average density of the granite is 2750 kilograms per meter cubic meter. The word granite comes from the Latin word granum, which means grain. Granite can be polished to high gloss, therefore it is aesthetically highly acceptable material. Granite is now widely used for the coating of exterior walls on construction sites and as a floor stone in public and commercial buildings and monuments. By the appearance of acid rain, granite has become more suitable than marble, because it is more durable. It is often used in kitchens as the top surface on which it is made, because it is very durable material with a beautiful aesthetic appearance. It is characterized by extremely high resistance to wear, strength and durability. It is also used for stone cubes and curbs on the roads, for tunneling, for the monument's stand.

Granite is a material that has overcome the use of marble in the past few years, due to several color variations, as well as the prominent coefficients of resistance to wear and weather. Highlighting the beauty of granite thanks to new processing techniques such as honned, leather, water jet etc ... in the last 10-15 years have made sales of this type of stone considerably higher than other materials.

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