Marble and mosaic


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The marble has been appreciated for thousands of years by its natural beauty, its wide diversity of colors, easy processing and high gloss, making it the most important building material for interior coating. It has been used for a long time as a key element for decorative purposes and is well positioned anywhere and in any area because it exudes luxury. It was created by the metarmophoses of limestone and dolomite.

Marble slabs are used for wall cladding, tiling stairs and floors. Because of its high temperature resistance, it is also used for fireplaces. Marble slabs are ideal for indoor pools due to their high humidity resistance. They can also be used for outer coating. The plate size, more precisely its length and width, depends on the type of marble, its characteristics, from the project itself and, of course, the most important thing that the market currently offers. Marble flooring belongs to a group of cold floors, but seeing that they are good conductors, they behave perfectly in the underfloor heating.

Our final aim is to realize every project beyond client’s expectation using exquisite skills, technical support and detailed analysis, from the first sketch to the final assembling.