Tradition in stone-working (second generation of stone craftsmen), use of the newest technology and training of our workforce in Italy defines us as a modern stone-working company with great experience. We have already worked on many projects encompassing villas, residential buildings, hotels, swimming pools, monasteries, churches...

Our work on a project begins with its approval by all concerned parties, choosing of the best suited materials and completion of importing procedures.   Our main suppliers are Italian companies: MARMI DI CARRARA,  NIKOLAUS BAGNARA, MARGRAF, ANTOLINI as well as some companies from India, North China and elsewhere. Having obtained status of preferred customer, we have access to the first-class stone with due certificates, quality guarantees and best quality/price ratio.

Stone import, 3D animation of the project, design and tailoring are followed by the production phase which is performed with contemporary and precise equipment. Cut and prepared pieces of stone are always preliminarily assembled in the workshop, while the final part of our relief and intarsia assembling is carried out by agile sculptors and craftsmen.

Our experienced experts guarantee precise assembling and finalization of the process.  We use high quality materials imported from Italian companies - MAPEI and TENEX.

Long-lasting beauty of marble, intended to be admired by the next generations, is secured by preservation techniques and protective products of the world-known company FILA and BELINZZONI aimed to repel grime, water, graffiti and other harmful elements.

Alongside expert team of engineers and craftsmen, realization of our project enrolls a team of young designing and IT experts in charge of our Computer Numerical Control Machine.

We have established successful cooperation with Civil Engineering Faculty of the University of Belgrade, numerous Architectural Projecting Studios as well as with some renowned Belgrade architects.


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Extraordinary artworks in marble, granite, onyx, travertine...

Our final aim is to realize every project beyond client’s expectation using exquisite skills, technical support and detailed analysis, from the first sketch to the final assembling.


Consulting in choosing marble, granite or other row material

Presentation of the stone-working in marble, granite or travertine

Final approval of the project and presentation of the chosen stone in our  workshop

Marble or granite import and help with its transportation and relevant  transporting documentation

Technical and workshop design

Stone working in our workshop – cutting, surface treatments, relief-making

Testing and composing the cut parts of the stone or the mosaic elements in our workshop


Protection of the stone from water, grease, graffiti...


We don’t allow any haphazard interference in our work – our projects are constantly under control.

All elements of our stone intarsia are supervised in detail, finalized and set in our workshop. It’s a sort of preliminary testing, and one of the most important phases of our work, which enables better control and supervision of every detail.

Every piece of a mosaic is marked and transferred to a diagram, so our craftsmen have an easy task while assembling the mosaic pieces, without fear of making mistake.

The same process is used for composing mosaics, minimizing error chance.


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Thanks to its experience, Milstone is capable of realizing different projects, including internal and external stone-working in marble, granite, travertine... as well as of performing artworks in mosaic, intarsia sculpting and so on...


We offer comprehensive services from consulting with an architect, choosing of material and its surface treatment to the final approval of the entire project.

 We also offer alternative solutions in order to enhance precision, high-quality and originality.

Every single piece from our workshop is finalized by expert sculptors and craftsmen – intarsia, polished sculptures, industrial or artistic mosaics.

Our work is precise and accurate and nothing is left to coincidences.

Every phase of the handwork is minutely controlled to the ultimate satisfaction of our clients.


Standard pavements and floors decorated in intarsia

Relief artwork, wall coverings and standard coverings in „open book“ style

Marble intarsia and borders

Staircases of any kind

Bathrooms and kitchen island of any kind

Swimming pools’ coverings

Logotypes for hotels, boutiques, companies

Fireplaces – the massive ones and coverings for fireplaces

Balustrades and fences


Pavements for streets and open spaces, flagging and tiling around swimming pools

Artistic and industrial mosaic

Artistic objects


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